Friday, July 01, 2005

Marshall on line

mg10cd-thb(guitarmag sept02)
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I own a 50 watt Marshall combo amp- it's a JCM 800 lead series, and it is without a doubt a great amp. It gives me that full throat Marshall roar, and you can even sense a little of that classic Marshall "thump" that says/yells "Marshall".
I went online recently to marshall and revisited the site after not being on it for a time. Marshall has launched a newly designed website, and one of the first things you notice is that they've included sound bites of Marshall amps. I listened to the Mode Four (the MF350) sound samples, and I liked what I heard. There's also a great resource section to check out, which has a good lesson area and setup and maintenance tips. Check it out.


Davy_Ø said...

Hi Url - it looks REALLY cool your blog well done. Believe it or not I was actually going to name my UniGTR+
site "" at one stage ... honestly - it's a cool name and a cool blog and I wish u all the best with it! I'm a big guitar fan(atic) like yourself! :) ...


PS I'll be back ...
PPS I had a look at and like your 'other cool links' site too - Poppy - very nice!

earl said...

Hi David,
thanks for swinging by. funny about the name-i guess there's only so many ways to say guitar!
looked at your UniGTR+ site; it's cool.
take care,
url said...

It's all good and the big M is really the only guitar amp I will use even today with all the great technology out there.....nothing can replicate that raw sound.
Great stuff,
guitar lesson guy