Thursday, July 07, 2005

Peterson VS-S Strobostomp

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I remember when i was a kid; everytime i saw a stage photo of one of my guitar heros, there - on top of a Marshall Stack or a Fender Twin in the background - would be a large, rectangular box. Looking closer, i could always make out the Peterson logo; Peterson had always been the professional standard for guitar tuning, and i started to associate the Peterson name with being professional. I always wanted one, but instead bought and used the much more accessible (and affordable) portable tuners that all my friends had.
Well, now i can get a real Peterson tuner in a pedal format, and it's too cool. The VS-S is accurate to 0.1 cent, which far acceeds the capabilities of a digital tuner; in fact, this pedal is accurate enough to set your intonation by, yet is still built to withstand the punishment of a steel toe-ed guitarist stompin' around on a darkened stage. very cool.

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poppy said...

that's so cool and you know i can't help but comment on that logo. a bauhaus type i think. nice piece of equipment too.