Sunday, July 03, 2005

Sunday's guitar site - guitarz

Sunday's guitar site-guitarz
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I spend a lot of time checking out the web for guitar related sites, and starting today, every Sunday I will be featuring a cool guitar site that i've stumbled across in my travels.
This site - - is a guitar blog which does a good job of finding and linking to unique, a little bit off beat, guitar news items. Some of the blurbs that i've linked to from this site include; Gibson is releasing a limited run of a reproduction of Clapton's 335, RKS Guitar's unique guitar body design was presented an industrial design award, and i followed a link to an ebay listed flying V ukulele!? kinda weird, but kinda fun. There's also a link to "guitar projects" which i especially like; there's a Dano built of an unmatched neck and body that looks cool.
A good site, and worth your time to check out.


Nick Comer-Calder said...

I like this idea a lot - I've spent a lot of time looking for interesting, informative guitar blogs - and they are not so many.

I'd be happy for you to check theCalder Guitar Case Design blog.



earl said...

thanks for the comment.
yeah- i really enjoyed your site. it's well worth looking at.
i'll feature your site in an upcoming post; in the meantime - for anyone checking out these comments; click on the Calder Guitar Case Design Blog link above. it's definitely worth reading.

poppy said...

i like this idea! looking forward to your posts!

G L Wilson said...

Thanks for the link and the blog entry. It's great to see your guitar blog is coming along nicely too!