Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Crazy J- guitar playing machine

crazy j plucker
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Ever had one of those of days when it was way too cold to busk in front of the liquor store 'cause your hands were just too cold to finger another rendition of 'stairway to heaven'? Well, the good students at the Georgia Tech graduate Mechatronics class have created a mechanical, electronic component and software controlled guitar playing machine to answer the call for humanless guitar playing. This is the "plucker" (equipped with Teflon picks},

crazy j fingertips
these are the solenoid "fingertips",

crazy j guitar top
and this is what the whole crazy (well named guys) contraption looks like!
Now, that's something to show dear old Dad when he asks how you spent another incredibly expensive year at school.

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G L Wilson said...

On a similar note check out the GuitarBot* website and watch the videos - that thing has to be seen to be believed!

(* Not to be confused with the very scary-looking GTRBOT of Captured by Robots infamy.)