Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sunday's Guitar Site - Calder Originals Guitar Case Design

Calder Originals Guitar Case Design
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This Sunday - as for all Sundays - i'm featuring a great site i found in my travels on the web. This is a really interesting site; Calder Original's web site portrays a great string of photos and text which show the development of their Guitar case design.
carved foam
Makes for great reading, and i really like the look of the final product.
You can check them out at;


poppy said...

this is an awesome find!

Nick Comer-Calder said...

Thanks for the link - greatly appreciated. And Jan really glad you liked the blog. If you have any feedback about the Calder Guitar case design or thoughts about what would make the perfect guitar case or gig bag I'd be really glad to hear from you.