Sunday, July 24, 2005

Sunday's Guitar Site; OLGA

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OLGA - the On Line Guitar Archive - is the web's oldest (OLGA's own claim) guitar TAB site. i don't know if they are indeed the oldest on the web, but i do know that they've been around a long time; web wise, that is. i've used OLGA for quite a time now, and - all in all - i've found the site to be great. Now when i say great, it's a subjective term. The tabs on the site have been written by contributing writers who have made the effort to transcribe guitar based parts, and the results are varied, but i like that; the way i learned guitar was through hanging out with other guitar playing friends, and sharing anything you'd worked out or tried to at least. it was a great way to learn, as it made you use your own ear and adopt your friend's efforts to match what you thought was correct. What this all led to was all of us played most things a little differently, maybe not perfectly, but certainly our personalities were in the mix. That's kind of what i get out of OLGA; think of it as a bunch of friends who think they've worked something out; it might not be accurate, but you'll all have fun.
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