Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Six string nation; Canada's guitar

Luthier George Riszanyl has created hand-crafted guitars for Keith Richards and James Taylor and is now nearing the completion of a ten year project of building a Canadian "National' Guitar made up of materials which hold unique, special places in Canada's history. Wood from Wayne Gretzky's Hockey Stick, a plank from the deck of the Bluenose II, and a canoe paddle which belonged to Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Two Guitars are being built -all from materials culled from each of the provinces and territories of Canada including wood, bone, steel, shell and stones from different area's of Canada. One Guitar will be exhibited, and the other will travel the country. The second Guitar, named the Echo, will be equipped with GPS, environmental and biological feedback sensors, and a hand-writting recognition tablet. It will be passed from musician to musician, and will traverse the country, as it is tracked on a website, with blogs and video from it's built in webcams being broadcast.
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  • Tuesday, March 28, 2006

    RKS The Wave Guitar; interchangable colored body shells

    First the Smart car came out with interchangable exterior body panels, enabling a motorist to change his/her car colour with his/her mood. Now, RKS Guitars has released what they call "the first guitar to offer fully interchangeable body shells and pickguards. Undo a few screws and change the color of your guitar! It's so simple you could do it between sets." Very useful for those musician mood swings; swap from Ocean Pearl to Fine Lime to Lipstick Pink all in one night!
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  • Monday, March 27, 2006

    Rare Guitar signed by all Four Beatles to be auctioned

    This guitar is being added to an Scottsdale, AZ auction, and is purported to have been signed by all four Beatles. Dave Wakefield Sr. worked in event security during the 70's and 80's at various Baltimore City venues, and he obtained Paul's, George's, and Ringo's signatures on this guitar (looks like a Gibson LP) during this time. In 1980 he traveled to New York, in the hopes of obtaining the final signature. He hung out in front of the Dakota, and on the secound day -he claims- Lennon came out on foot, and Dave approached him. Lennon commented "...of course, he needed the most important signature", and added his signature.
    It's being auctioned on April 1st; even if the story is true, another day might have been better.

    Sunday, March 26, 2006

    Gibson Music Rising Guitar

    President Clinton presenting a limited run Gibson Music Rising Guitar to a recipient of the campaign. Music Rising is a campaign to aid Musicians affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and has some pretty heavy names attached; U2's The Edge, producer Bob Ezrin, Gibson Guitars, and the Guitar Center Music Foundation. A good cause.
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  • Saturday, March 25, 2006

    Elvis's Gibson SJ-200

    There are a few holy grails of popular music out there floating in the pungent ether of private collections and lucite sealed museum boxes, and this Gibson SJ-200 would be counted in the selection if someone created a role call of culture shaping pieces. The guitarist who owned this one changed music as we know it, and his impact is almost immeasureable. Was he an incredibly proficient fret burner? A fiercely studied technician? Not sure; by all accounts he was fairly limited in his knowledge, and operated the guitar in support of his voice, but he was not without vision, and the fact alone that he slung a guitar on stage opened a million doors of interest to the guitar and it's possibilities, and let's not forget the incredible Scotty Moore, Elvis's long time guitarist.
    You can see this guitar at Graceland; "Elvis '56" is a new exhibit that just opened.
    Go cat, Go.

    Sunday, March 19, 2006

    Fender 60th Anniversary Standard Stratocaster

    The eptimome of the electric guitar is the famous profile of the Fender Strat. In celebration of thier Diamond Anniversary - 1946-2006- Fender has released a special series of Guitars and Basses; including this limited-edition 60th Anniversary Stratocaster Guitar in a unique Blizzard Pearl finish. Alder body, maple C-shape age tinted neck, Tex-Mex pickups, and a cool 60th Anniversary stamped neck plate.

    Sunday, March 05, 2006

    Marshall DSL100 and 1960A Silver Edition 100W Half Stack

    Silver Amp. Silver Cab. 100 Watts. Marshall. What else do you need?