Monday, March 27, 2006

Rare Guitar signed by all Four Beatles to be auctioned

This guitar is being added to an Scottsdale, AZ auction, and is purported to have been signed by all four Beatles. Dave Wakefield Sr. worked in event security during the 70's and 80's at various Baltimore City venues, and he obtained Paul's, George's, and Ringo's signatures on this guitar (looks like a Gibson LP) during this time. In 1980 he traveled to New York, in the hopes of obtaining the final signature. He hung out in front of the Dakota, and on the secound day -he claims- Lennon came out on foot, and Dave approached him. Lennon commented "...of course, he needed the most important signature", and added his signature.
It's being auctioned on April 1st; even if the story is true, another day might have been better.

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