Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Six string nation; Canada's guitar

Luthier George Riszanyl has created hand-crafted guitars for Keith Richards and James Taylor and is now nearing the completion of a ten year project of building a Canadian "National' Guitar made up of materials which hold unique, special places in Canada's history. Wood from Wayne Gretzky's Hockey Stick, a plank from the deck of the Bluenose II, and a canoe paddle which belonged to Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Two Guitars are being built -all from materials culled from each of the provinces and territories of Canada including wood, bone, steel, shell and stones from different area's of Canada. One Guitar will be exhibited, and the other will travel the country. The second Guitar, named the Echo, will be equipped with GPS, environmental and biological feedback sensors, and a hand-writting recognition tablet. It will be passed from musician to musician, and will traverse the country, as it is tracked on a website, with blogs and video from it's built in webcams being broadcast.
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