Thursday, July 21, 2005

Eric Johnson Stratocaster

EJ Strat, originally uploaded by url1.

Eric Johnson's tone on Cliffs of Dover is incredible. I've long been a fan of his style and finess; and of course his great tone. Fender has released another Strat in their Artist series, and the Eric Johnson Strat is their latest. This Stratocaster has an Alder body, 12" radius, and a soft V neck profile. An added feature that i personally love is the use of a Nitro Cellulose finish; i personally don't like the feel of the Polymer finishes. A great guitar.


cyberbaguioboy said...

great post, earl on EJ's Fender signature guitar. I just wished I could get one. I currently play a modified fender Strat. It currently has Dimarzios fitted in to make its sound more crunchy. Good enough for amateurs like me.

earl said...

hi cyberbaguioboy,
thanks for the comment!
eric johnson's a great guitarist. it's cool there are others who think so. thanks for sharing!