Monday, July 04, 2005

Eric Clapton Gibson Crossroads ES 335

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Yesterday i featured the guitarz website, and i mentioned that there was a link to Gibson's new Eric Clapton Crossroads ES 335 guitar model. i commented on the guitarz site and said that i didn't recall Clapton with an ES 335.

les paul standard
i could recall Clapton with an old Les Paul (bluesbreakers period),

an SG (painted all psychedelic by "the fool" from his Cream days),

or with a Strat ("brownie"; from the Derek and the Dominoes period) - I don't really see Clapton with a Gibson ES 335.

well, i'd like to correct myself;
es 335
this is Clapton at the Cream farewell concert at the Albert Hall (as guitarz was kind enough to point out) in London, in November 1968.

a bit obsesive; i know, but i love it. i told you i love guitars.
thanks to guitarz for opening the door- i really enjoyed the research.


G L Wilson said...

Great! You found a picture.

I'm glad my memory didn't let me down on that one!

poppy said...

awesome post! love the photo's!

Stof31 said...

If you look at the Rolling Stone "Rock'n'Circus 1968" DVD, you'll see Clapton play The Beatles' "Yer Blues" on the red ES-335. (alongside Mitch Mitchell on drums, Keith Richards on bass (!) and John Lennon on vocals and rythm guitar, Epiphone Casino I think)

Anonymous said...

Eric did use the ES-335 for one night. The Farewell Concert at Royal Albert Hall. The photo above is from the first show that night. The second show is filmed in the documentary. He did not, however, use it on the original version of Crossroads or at any other time with Cream.