Friday, July 22, 2005


ad30vt_ad15vt, originally uploaded by url1.

When I think of VOX I always think of those black and white photos from the 60's of "super beatles" on stage with the Beatles or the Edge's backline. You can't beat the sound of a Vox for chime and ring; they are supreme when it comes to that great, clean sound. Now VOX has released an affordable series in their great tradition; and if I want that VOX ring, i'd like it to come out of VOX, not a faximile. As you suspected the AD100VT is capable of cranking out 100 watts (and the AD50VT, 50 watts, etc), but what is unique with the AD100VT, AD50VT, and the AD30VT is that the output wattage can be adjusted from 1 to the maximum watts available. That is; the AD100VT can be set to output 1-100 watts. This allows you to wind the output down, but still get the tube sounds you want. VOX has updated these amps with modeling so that you can get a AC30 sound all the way to a hi gain amp. VOX amps have sounds which are so classic - these amps give you the classic sounds, and add some variations- all a lower price point.


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