Thursday, April 13, 2006

SoundTech releases AMP3; Guitar Amp + MP3

Wow; here's a unique product release. SoundTech has just announced, this past Tuesday, the release of their new MP3 AMP3 Guitar Amplifier and computer music center. It's a Guitar Amp with the usual tone shaping parameters; tone expander, built in tuner, and a slew of digital signal effects, but what's really different about this "gadget" is that via the line-out you can hook it up directly to your home PC and record in MP3 format. Add to that the line-in which accepts output from your MP3 player, CD player, etc, and you have a very cool all in one jamming/recording center. This is one neat product. It also comes with headphone outputs and an extension speaker for filling the room with sound. Carry it with you with a 9 volt battery and you're on the go (or plug in the AC). Now here's the thing; sometimes looking at a picture doesn't really help with getting a feel for how big/small/awkward a thing physically is - the AMP3 dimensions are 3inches by 6inches by 5inches. Weird. I'm looking forward to actually seeing it in person.
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    Rick Julien said...

    There are many pictures and a spec sheet at:

    earl said...

    thanks for the comments; I'll check it out.