Friday, April 21, 2006

Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris release All The Roadrunning

Mark Knopfler has always been a favorite guitarist of mine. His sense of space, and his unique fingerstyle lead guitar style have always captured my ear. His style is outstanding; when you hear even a note or two, he achieves what all great guitarists do and all other guitarists strive to do - you instantly know it's Mark playing. His attack, via his finger plucked style, is truly in a class by itself. After the success of Dire Straits, Knopfler has been busy developing a song based style, with leanings toward barer bones and stripped down arrangements, and it's opened doors to different roads for him.
Mark has been working on the concept of an album with Emmylou Harris for ten years now. and it's release has now been confirmed for 24 April, 2006. The album, named All The Roadrunning, is an interesting pairing, but it does make a lot of sense. Both Harris and Knopfler are in their late 50's (Emmylou is 59, and Mark is 56), both have weathered marriages and divorces and have children. This, then will be a marked mature album. Plenty of guitar and the lilting melodies of Harris. This will be good.

From a guitarists point of view; Mark has taken delivery on a new Pensa Suhr; a Pensa Custom MK11. Dated 3rd of June, 05, serial number 0260. Single coils, strat shape. If any body has any further info, I'd be interested; comment below.
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    rushme said...

    Mark IS one of the greatest - and this new album is really cool :o) thanks for the hint.

    earl said...

    Knopfler has been a great influence on my playing; he really is a very unique stylist, and his playing is tasteful. It's great to read your feedback!