Monday, April 10, 2006

Martin Limited Edition FeLiX Guitar

Martin has come up with some unique marketing ideas as of yet - for me it all began with the release of the Backpacker - and this Martin Limited Edition FeLiX Guitar is another attempt on Martin's part to bring something different to the market.
Martin has always been steeped in the traditional Guitar market and in fact; the name Martin conjures up a certain gravity and tradition to the mind of most guitarists, but many of their releases have been departures. The FeLiX is certainly a departure. I guess the real question will be; fifty years from now, will guitarists be salivating at the thought of owning one of these? We'll see.
Modified 0-14 Fret/Jett Black HPL back and sides/Natural Statabond (?!!) neck/Black Micarta fingerboard
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