Monday, April 17, 2006

Krank Distortion Pedal Distortus Maximus

Krank amps have a pretty high profile lately, and this new distortion pedal is for everyone out there who is wondering what the hub bub is all about, but don't have the considerable coin to drop to try out a Revolution One or Krankenstein amp. This pedal captures the tone well, and you probably won't put out your back lifting it up to the 3rd floor practice room. The usual specs; 9VDC, true-bypass, three band EQ; but the real plus of this pedal is the sound.
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    timmeh said...

    i sure wish someone would post a sound clip somewhere of the Distortus Maximus. I'd really like to hear it.

    earl said...

    Hey timmeh; checked out your web page; it looks like a very cool studio you got going there! thanks for coming by.

    Anonymous said...

    i got this, i really like it since i am a high-gain/classic Marshall kind of guy.. proco rats, homebrew electronics Big D, and MXR Doubleshot.. this one is a really nice steel can, very amp-sounding pedal, it does sound like the Krankenstein, not a whole lot of compression and sustain but a real tight crunch and real loud.. easy to get Dime-like sounds but that eq is versatile.. back off the treble and make it work like a turbo Rat or a Marshall Guvnor! this is like MXR's Dime dist. but a lot finer sounding imo.. also, this thing is literally an amp, i couldn't see clipping diodes inside, just a big LM386n-3 working like preamp tubes. -Andy in SF