Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Self Tuning Guitar

One of the real banes of all Guitar Players is the fact that all Guitars require constant tuning. Pick up a guitar; you gotta tune it - strum a guitar for longer than the first half minute; you gotta fine tune it - run from the freezing cold backstage into the heat of even a small stage and wait another half minute; you gotta totally tune up! Now, wouldn't it be nice if you're guitar would just tune itself? It would sure save time and be incredibly convenient. So, inventor Neil Skinn came up with a self tuning module for solid body electrics; and now, he's just releasing an acoustic version. The tuner - named the Performer automatic tuning system - is mounted at the bridge, and features small electric motors and a mechanical system controlled by sensors and a small onboard computer to adjust string tensions. Wow.
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