Sunday, April 02, 2006

Plug and play Behringer IAXE393 Guitar

Behringer Germany has designed a unique "plug and play" USB guitar; the IAXE393. Grab your Mac or PC and plug the supplied USB cable directly between the solid body, 3 single coil, 22 fret maple necked IAXE393 and your computer, and you have a fully equipped guitar set up, including virtual pedals, amps, and (via the included multi track recording and editing software) recording system.
Cool idea; I really like the concept, now let's see if Behringer knows how to make a guitar

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    I bought one. The guitar is great for $99USD. It's the software that sucks. I can't get it running on either my laptop or my desktop machine. And of course, when three parties are involved (the retailer, the guitar manufacturer, and the software manufacturer), when you call for help, it's always the other guy's problem. least I have a pretty good $99 backup instrument now.