Tuesday, August 15, 2006

squier's top of the line; the squier master series

the squier master series guitar line is the best of the squier line. they include the m80, m-80 special, the esprit, the thinline tele hh, and the chambered tele hh.
these guitars include duncan designed humbucking pickups, special binding, special inlays, metallic and satin finishes, set necks, and platinum hardware. all great guitars; each have unique features which set them apart. check them out!


Kevin said...

Wow, the squier line has really moved up! My first electric was a squier, a model with a humbucker and 2 single coil pickups. It didn't have the professional finishes these guitars have. They look pretty innovative for a beginner's guitar. I got a nice strat finally and passed my old squier on to a friend for his son. Thanks for this trip down memory lane

earl said...

hi kevin,
i know; i was kinda impressed too, when i saw thie line of squiers! seems like squier has expanded thier whole product line to offer a model for anyone, beginners on up. i guess things evolve. most of my friends and i actually started even lower on the guitar food chain then squiers, and actually saw getting a squier as a first real move up.
think it's cool you passed on the old squier of yours, and there's always something cool in having a good story attached to your instruments!
thnks for the comment!