Thursday, August 17, 2006

OLGA on holda!

unpaved roads, a great guitar oriented site just posted that OLGA - the mother of tab sites, and one which a lot of guitarists use - is down. i went to OLGA's site and seems OLGA received a "take down letter from lawyers representing the NMPA and the MPA" (to quote OLGA's own splash page).
the guitar is a unique instrument when it comes to learning to play, most of us learn a chord or two from a friend, and from that point on, we're kinda on our own. sites like OLGA serve an important function; it allows a great avenue for most guitarists to discover chord progressions, song structure, licks, etc on their own, and have certainly been a big part of my growth as a guitarist. OLGA come back!


Felixe said...

It surely is a sad thing for guitarists, but if I recall correctly, this kind of legal actions are common practice for lawyers. I really hope to have OLGA back in a few days. Most of the songs I learn nowadays are by ear, but it's nice to have OLGA for a quick check-up.

earl said...

hey felixe,
absolutely; seems these kind of actions are becoming commonplace, these days. olga's a great site, i'm hoping it's up soon, also!
thks for the comment!

cyberbaguioboy said...

yes, earl I found it sad. music publishers should at least find ways to make tabs cheaper and available to all...they're just too greedy to make money out of everyone.

earl said...

hi cyberbaguioboy!
yeah, i think they're actually kinda working against themselves. i think tabbing actually creates more interest (or at least helps support interest) in the bands and the songs!
and hey, i read on your blog you're taking a break?
good luck with your courses!

Anonymous said...

I was very close to getting an eMusic account this morning, in order to get all nice'n'legal, but stunts like this make me realize why I steal music in the first place.

earl said...

hey a,
thanks for the comment!
i've been searching around today, and found that these types of actions are taking place a lot right now. seems there is a real move on to wipe tab out of the internet. what i'd like to see is actual proof that tab sites cause real damage, because i don't think they do! this seems to me like this is all about control.

Felixe said...

Well, it's been a while and it's still closed.

This is sad, and not the kind of S.A.D. that winter brings each year.