Saturday, August 12, 2006

a little orange with bite

orange amps have gotta be one of the coolest looking amp lines out there. how can you beat an entire line drenched in that orange hue? and the sound of orange has always been totally and instantly identifiable as soon as you hear that great retro crunch and that new/old bite of their clean sounds.

orange amps has released this little cool amp; the crush 30r, it's part of the crush amp line up. the 30r is 30 watts of power, loaded with a 10' speaker, and has reverb built in (i'm thinkin that's what the r stands for), and is the most powerful of the line.
these are cool little amps, and although the line is trani, they sound like there are tubes hiding inside. a lot of small amps are transistor based, and many of them sound like it. that's a cool sound sometimes in itself, but sometimes these small amps come off as kinda fizzy and tinny sounding. this little orange comes across really well; not a lot of that small amp sound.
very cool.
and i gotta admit it; i like the look, too.

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