Saturday, August 19, 2006

building a guitar with ted

ted's guitar
ted's guitar is a great site wherein said ted shares the process of building an acoustic guitar. great pictures - showing a real insight into the steps involved in building your own guitar - and good write ups really help to get a sense of the work involved in crafting a guitar. ted's enthusiasm really shines through! it really is a labour of love. good luck to him, and thanks, ted, for taking the time to share your insights!


Ted said...

Earl, Thanks for the kind words. You're right, it is a labour of love but I am having a ball building my own guitar. It's been fairly smooth sailing up to now but I'm getting into the fiddly bits... stick around and see my next mistake or success...

earl said...

hi ted,
really enjoy your site. we will be checking back!
happy luthiering!