Saturday, September 16, 2006

the guitars of cbgb's

his halloween night will be the last one at cbgb's ; it seems the rumours are coming true, the music venue will be closing on october 31st. i've been searching out the web for real confirmation (for some reason, i can't find it mentioned in ), and have stumbled across enough first hand knowledge, to start to believe it. many large scale media outlets have written about it, but in times past the news proved to be rumours. the word is the club entertained the idea of moving to las vegas(!), but it looks like it will be reopened in new york.

so, a look back at the guitars (and guitarists) who have played at cbgb's;

joey ramones' univox hi flyer

tom verlaine of televisions' fender jazzmaster

elvis costello backstage with a fender strat(?)

sting and andy summers of the police with fender pre and telecaster


Anonymous said...

Actually, that's Johnny Ramone, and he was known for playing Mosrites, which in the 70s were quite cheap guitars. He got his first Mosrite for $50.

Tom Verlaine's associated with the Jazzmaster, though he's said it was just the cheapest good guitar he could get back then. These days he's playing a sanded-down hardtail Strat with a Jazzmaster neck and lipstick pickups.

KokDamon said...

there's a very useful info from anonymous!
Tom Verlaine's Jazzmaster fender will no doubt interest me!!!

Ross Gordon said...

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