Sunday, September 17, 2006

gnr guitarist bumblefoot needs a hand/foot

on may 12th of this year guns and roses confirmed that their new lead guitarist was ron "bumblefoot" thal, replacing guitarist buckethead , who had been with the band since 2000. up until just recently, bumblefoot played this unique guitar. the axe was built in collaboration with vigier , and it had become bumblefoot's main guitar. main guitar until recently that is. seems the guitar took a beating when bfoot took it out on the road for gnr's latest european tour, and now it's on the verge of being permanently retired. so, bumblefoot has turned to the masses for inspiration on what he's calling "foot guitar version 2.0". he's asking for "something new, something cool, something designed by you!" check out the invitation here .


Kathy Unruh said...

Hi Earl,

Cool guitar! I just posted some interesting stuff about Guns n' Roses too. Looks like were on the same wavelink.


S.B. MacDonald said...

Very cool guitar...I like your blog Earl!

Mike said...

Way to Go Ron!

I met Ron at NAMM 2005 and spoke to him for a little bit. He even mailed me an autographed copy of one of his cd's. I didn't know he got the gig with Guns n' Roses. That's awesome!

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rjgeyer said...

You gotta wonder how playable that guitar is but it is cool.
RJ's Guitar Blog

Anonymous said...


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Good day Earl!

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Robert Irizarry said...

Hi Earl - How's it going? I haven't heard from you in a while. Drop by the blog or shoot me an email.


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Guitar Lesson Reviews said...

What an awesome guitar! It's successor will have to be something really outstanding. Hope you post details when one is decided upon.

Andy Turnbull
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Pat said...

Yeah a strange mix but it works!

Joshua said...

Best guitar ever!

Glen said...

Nice guitar earl!
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love guitars said...

That is one crazy looking guitar. Wonder how it plays soul music? OK that wasn't funny!!
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Stephen said...

Definitely one of the most unique guitars I've ever seen and I've seen quite a bit. I love how the wings fold out and collapse.

tuning guitar said...

*LOL* that guitar is waaay over the top man. I can't imagine how it looks like on a stage performance.

Hang on while I tune my "foot" for a while.

Anonymous said...

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Guitar Hunter said...

That's a cool signature guitar, I wonder how it sounds?

stratochrister said...

that's just disturbing... gibson should mass produce them

Blues guitar man said...

What a wacky guitar! I wonder how it plays. The body looks too small.

Nicholas said...
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