Thursday, September 07, 2006

dave navarro's guitars

dave navarro's new band, the panic channel has just announced that they are going to be opening for supernova (the t.v. show based band) on tour starting this month (sep). dave's touring in support of his new album one, recorded by his new band. note of interest; panic channel features stephen perkins, drummer for jane's addiction. dave's had his fair share of publicity, lately, but as my interests are with guitars, guitarists, and gear, i was interested in looking at his gear.

the paul reed smith dave navarro signature model. dave has been playing prs guitars for over 17 years, and has recorded with them while in jane's addiction and the red hot chili peppers. the guitar features a relatively short 25" scale, 24 fret, brazilian rosewood fingerboard, a carved maple top on mahogany body, a prs trem, hfs treble and vintage bass pickups, 3 way toggle, and a jet white finish.

the yamaha dave navarro signature model llx6 dn acoustic guitar. dave's signature yamaha acoustic guitar is based on yamaha's llx6, but customized for the artist. according to dave, white 'pops' on stage, and changes color with stage lighting, so the yamaha comes in a pure white finish with accents of black; black binding, pickguard, and headstock. the neck is mahogany, the fingerboard is ebony, and the body is a solid englemann spruce top with maple back and sides. 25.5" scale, 20 frets, piezo and condenser mic on an adjustable goose neck for amplification.

the marshall jcm900 (small clubs) or the marshall mode 4 mf350. the mode 4 is a 350 watt into 8 ohms amp. it features two totally separate tube pre amp circuits, and a power amp circuit that reconfigures itself according to the amp selected. amp1 has clean and crunch, amp2 has od1 and od2.
dave also has used of owned; gibson les pauls, sg's, and flying v's; fender john 5 signature telecaster, vox teardrops, evh charvel, and fender strats. the top picture is a studio shot of navarro's guitars during recording of one.

dave navarro originally came to the attention of guitarists, and the world in general with jane's addiction. he's since played in/or with; deconstruction, nine inch nails, alanis morisette, porno for pyros, the rhcp, a reunited janes', spread/his solo record "trust no one", an all star project named camp freddy, and now his newest band; the panic channel. navarro's also got his own internet radio station up and running; which he broadcasts from his house!


Capt. Krazee said...

Hey Earl -

It doesn't look like you have had much time to keep up your blog. Life gets busy and WOW before you know it a year has passed. I know, because I have a hard time keeping up my blog. Guess I need to hire someone to do it for me (LOL).

I like your blog so far and wonder if you will be posting anything about your favorite guitar gear like which Guitar Effects Processor or if what type of pedals you use in your Guitar Effects Pedalboard.

Looking forward to seeing some more cool guitar stuff.

I Am A Guitar Hero said...

Hey man! I have a blog about learning to play the guitar and I just wanted to let you know. Your site is awesome btw!

I Am A Guitar Hero said...

sorry, I forgot to give you the link to my site.