Thursday, August 04, 2005

Music Man Steve Morse Y2d signature model

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Steve Morse and Music Man have been partnered now for 20 years, and to celebrate the occasion, Music Man has released the new Steve Morse Y2d signature model. Did you check out Morse on Live 8 this past year on stage with Deep Purple?
I thought it was one of the better performances, and Morse rocked out hard on his Music Man. Decent sound; considering it was live, recorded, and played back through my tv's speakers. Even in this setting the Music Man sounded great.
The Y2d builds on that original guitar design that Morse has been playing since '85; this guitar is fashioned out of a Poplar body with a maple top and a clear pickguard to show off the quilted or flamed maple. The back is solid black. Loaded with three Di-Marzio's; a humbucker in the neck and bridge, and a custom wound single coil in the middle position. One small detail that screams Morse is the placement of the volume control; Steve likes to wrap his little finger around it as he plays.
This is a cool guitar.
Steve Morse Y2d link.



Davy_Ø said...


Blog's looking great - well done!

Great link to the Musicman/Steve Morse, I had a look and listen to it ... That's some story about his broken wrist - ouch.

Has he been listening to Eric Johnson? I can hear a few Johnson licks in there I'm sure, just a few mind you - the rest is total Morse :).

He's got a great technique hasn't he? I'm mostly familiar and fond of his old album "Stand Up" from a few years back - some great playing on it - oh and Eric Johnson guests on it too ... hmmm :).



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Robin said...

Nice page! Check my page if you want to. No english version yet, but I expect to have it up in the next couple of days.