Saturday, August 06, 2005

Martin M3M George Martin model

M3M George Martin_f, originally uploaded by url1.

Martin has developed a guitar with Sir George Martin (yeah, that one; the Beatle's producer). It's a beautiful guitar, and a bit pricey, but it was designed to be the ultimate recording guitar and all the features fulfill that mandate. The top is an extremely rare Italian alpine spuce, the sides and back are mahogany, and the guitar is built of an M body. The neck is also mahogany, and is 1 and 3/4" at the nut. Martin is accepting orders for this guitar until Sep23rd.


G L Wilson said...

He wasn't just the Beatles' producer - he was EMI's in-house producer and as such he produced all kinds of acts - even Rolf Harris!

Konrad said...

I have a Martin D16-GT guitar and I love it!