Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Moog MF-104Z Analog Delay

MF-104Z-Analog-Delay, originally uploaded by url1.

Man, this is one blast from the past...I remember when all electronic equipment was built this way; the silver topped black dials, the script and print on the user face, and the built-like-a-tank, wooden sided construction. Most home entertainment systems, and radio shack mixers looked like this- and the sounds they all made were groovy. Dig this, then; Moog has the longest Analogue, stand alone, delay module on the market with this puppy. There is a full one secound delay sandwiched between those wood sides, and this Moogerfooger is built to handle most inputs, from low level guitars and vocals, to high output drum machines and the like. Far out.
Moog link.