Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Fender '51 NoCaster

'51 Nocaster
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A beautiful BRAND NEW Honey Blonde Fender '51 NoCaster; this is a fantastic replication of a classic guitar. This specific model is a "Relic"; one of three optional finish schemes that Fender currently offers. A "Relic" is a finish which replicates the feel and look of a well used, broken-in axe, a "Closet Classic" fulfills every guitar hunter's dream; finding a 50 year old guitar that had languished in the back of a closet since the original owner had lost interest in playing it, and "NOS" stands for "New Old Stock"; a brand new guitar built of newly found original bodies, necks and hardware.
These guitars capture the look and feel of classic, coveted guitars that we all want to own, and with these optional finishes, Fender has made it possible for the commonman to hold some of that pure magic that was once only available to the few. Great concept, and superb execution.

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