Saturday, June 24, 2006

Gary Kramer TomCat Guitar

The issue of ergonomics within the realms of guitar design are regarded by and large to be epitomized in the classic (existing) guitar designs of the past. Fender got it right in a lot of ways; the body scoop, beveled forearm area, controll layout. Gibsons - even with their extra bulk - fit like a well worn pair of slippers, and are well designed with players in mind. Expanding, or redifining these standards is a tough go. Guitarists, by nature, are fairly entrenched in their use of these well worn designs, and are kind of a sticky bunch when it comes to change in design, This guitar; the TomCat, by, is a bit of a departure from the tried and true. The name is justified; the TomCat definitely has a "inflight" design element to it's body, and it sleek and fast looking. Maple top, medium jumbo frets, 12" radius, pair of Dimarzio 'buckers.

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Robert Irizarry said...

Hi Earl: Cool site. I noticed the reference to guitar ergonomics and thought you might have some passing interest in my blog - where I am focusing on guitar ergonomics. My intention is to use the site to document the building of an ergonomic guitar as well as gather information about ergonomic related issues. Its only been up for a few months but I'm hoping to make some strides in the actual build as fall and winter approach. Best Regards!